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Join a community of passionate rainforest defenders!

What is the Rainforest Ambassador Program?


The Rainforest Ambassador Program engages with college students around the world to protect the rainforest and the rights of indigenous people. As our ambassadors, you will educate your peers on indigenous rights, deforestation and the importance of protecting the rainforest, you will also gain valuable marketing and event-planning experience as well as exclusive access to network of like-minded peers and connect to those working in the intersection of environmental protection and human rights.  Ambassadors are key players at Rainforest Foundation, and we believe our ambassadors will be tomorrow’s climate heroes and human rights champions.

Who makes a good Rainforest Ambassador?


  • Current and full-time university student.


  • Passionate about rainforest, environmental issues, or indigenous peoples rights.


  • Campus leaders who can connect with peers and various groups, work with school administrations, and bring an event to life.

What do ambassadors actually do?

Be a vocal advocate for Rainforest Foundation, actively support Rainforest Foundation’s social media campaigns and initiatives through retweeting, sharing, etc.


Create and implement action plans and fundraising campaigns with the help from Rainforest Foundation, and keep us updated on your progress.


Conduct occasional campus surveys and provide feedback to our communications team.



Respond regularly to questions from your fellow students and stay active through the entire length of your term.


  • Welcome package and gifts
  • Access to Rainforest Foundation’s posters, documentaries, fundraising ideas, postcards, etc.
  • A featured ambassador profile on Rainforest Foundation’s website, blog, and social media
  • Potential for onsite internship
  • Access to a network of ambassadors throughout the world
  • Establish connections and build your resume by collaborating with our colleagues and partners
  • A chance to win the Rainforest Ambassador of the Year Award
  • Letter of recommendation for future jobs

1. Only one student or one team will be selected to represent Rainforest Foundation on her or his campus.
2. Students from all countries are encouraged to apply but all applications must be in English or Spanish.
3. Students must commit to a school-year long term.


Resume (including: GPA or Equivalent; Anticipated date of graduation)

Cover Letter:

1. Why you believe you would make the best ambassador for your campus?
2. First three specific action steps you would take on your campus?

Please email complete application to rainforestfoundation@rffny.org


We look forward to hearing from you!