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Work For Us

The Rainforest Foundation is currently looking for a consultant to perform a scoping study on low carbon and climate resilient investment opportunities for indigenous communities in Guyana. Learn More

Internship Positions at the Rainforest Foundation US

Do you support the Rainforest Foundation’s mission of defending tropical forests and the rights of the indigenous peoples who traditionally inhabit them? If so, an internship at our New York office is a great way to learn more first-hand about the work that we do, while offering crucial assistance towards our mission.

The Rainforest Foundation US is always seeking dedicated and qualified applicants to support us in a variety of capacities, from research to communications and fundraising. Based on our needs and your qualifications, we may be able to design an internship specifically for you.

If interested in an internship position, please contact us at rainforestfoundation@rffny.org, with a resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in our organization and our mission.

We look forward to getting to know you soon.