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Oncilla (Wadnpi)


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Oncilla (Wadnpi)

Indigenous names:

Wadnpi; Yonalu; Matsontsori Ityaniani

Where they are commonly seen:

In the summers, the oncillas are always near the beaches, but they usually appear in the night; In the winters, the oncillas like to hide in the mountains.


Frogs, rabbits, chickens, ducks, mountain birds and other small animals.

Mating Season:

Summer, dry months.

IUCN Red List Status:


Oncilla in Indigenous Culture

Ancient indigenous groups in Peru have different names and mythical stories about the oncilla. While the Yine people call oncilla Yonalu, the Harakmbut people name it Wadnpi. The Harakmbut people believe the agile oncilla was once a person – a member of the Harakmbut community. But unfortunately, he was cursed to become an animal and live in the mountains forever. The Harakmbut community is strongly opposed to hunting Wadnpi since killing Wadnpi could bring bad luck to the individual as well as the community. The legend believes if you kill the Wadnpi, its spirits will find you in your dreams and warn you that it will take your child away as revenge.

Prowling with the oncilla (Wadnpi)

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