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Lineated Woodpecker (Bedn`ko)


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Lineated Woodpecker (Bedn`ko)

Indigenous names:

Bedn`ko; Kokascomde; Konkari”

Where they are commonly seen:

The lineated woodpeckers are only found in dry wood and trees.


Various insects, larvae, fruits, seeds, and eggs stolen from other nests.

Mating Season:

No clear pattern; different times throughout the year.

IUCN Red List Status:

Least Concern

Lineated Woodpecker in Indigenous Culture

Ancient indigenous groups in Peru have different names and mythical stories about the lineated woodpeckers. While the Yine people call lineated woodpecker Kokascomde, the Harakmbut people name it bedn`ko.
In Harakmbut culture, the lineated woodpeckers brought fire, one of the most important tools for survival, to the Harakmbut people. Before taming fire, Harakmbut people had limited ability to cook food, ward off predators, and endure harsh climate. The kind-hearted woodpecker decided to help the Harakmbut people. In a dark night, the woodpecker sneaked into the demon’s cave and stole the fire while the demon was asleep. The fire colored the woodpecker’s crest red and disturbed the demon. Furious and enraged, the demon tried to catch but failed to capture the agile woodpecker. After a long and exhausting journey, the woodpecker traveled to the land of Harakbut and brought fire to its people.
Another interesting fact is that the Harakmbut people also believe the lineated woodpeckers deliver the good news when they sing. For instance, when the woodpecker sings, someone in the community might be pregnant and expect a babe soon.

Into the Woodpecker’s Hole (Bedn`ko)

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