Influencing Policy

We support indigenous groups and local NGOs in defending their rights and participating in legal and policy decisions that affect their rights and resources.

    • Policies designed to protect indigenous lands and resources are often weak and in many cases are simply disregarded.
    • Indigenous peoples face strong pressure to participate in development initiatives, but in many countries government consultations are rushed and have not allowed time for the communities to understand complex concepts and programs, seek independent consultations, or have adequate internal discussions to decide if and how they want to participate.
    • Indigenous peoples should participate actively in the creation and implementation of policies that will directly and indirectly affect them and their resources. Most indigenous peoples, however, do not have the knowledge and training required to participate fully and effectively in the design of such policies.
    Our Response:
    • Providing indigenous peoples with independent and balanced information about climate change science, development projects, indigenous rights and international policy. We develop and adapt training materials, as well as support and participate in local workshops and national level trainings for leaders.
    • Supporting the informed and effective participation of indigenous peoples in local, regional and national policy discussions. We help indigenous leaders communicate and meet with policy makers.
    • Providing legal and technical support to indigenous groups as they analyze development programs, define their priorities, and defend their rights to free, prior and informed consent to activities that affect their lands or peoples.
    • Ensuring that national, international, and private sector development initiatives are held accountable to international safeguards for the protection of Indigenous Peoples’ rights and natural resources.