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Keeping Up With The Defenders

News and notes from the forest

Letters To The Revolution

Donald Trump’s appointment of climate-change skeptics and deniers to key posts will have an undeniable impact on our environment and our future. While not as strong as they have needed to be, current U.S. commitments to curbing climate change will most likely... read more

Buying From Amazon (and others) to Protect the Amazon!

How AmazonSmile works? And why you should make all your purchases through smile.amazon.com? AmazonSmile is a wonderful program where the price, product and shipping process are exactly the same as Amazon.com, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of... read more

Indigenous Perspectives on Land Use

One of the most pressing issues we, as humans together, are confronted is climate change. How do we live without damaging the environment, without hurting other forms of life, and without threatening minority groups?   One of the minority groups that suffered the most... read more

The Time To Act Is Now

Dear Friends, Yesterday, many of us sat back in shock, realizing that we now had a president-elect that categorically denies the existence of climate change and has expressed willingness to trample on the rights of citizens around the world.  Today, the time for... read more