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Keeping Up With The Defender

News and notes from the forest

Saving the Rainforest

What can $250,000 dollars do?  Used right, we believe it can save millions of acres of rainforest. One of our donors believes this too, and has just given us a $250,000 match grant. But we need to match it, in order to fully unlock its potential. What is the gift...

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Atlantic Conquest

How is it a Dutch businessman is about to achieve what even Christopher Columbus could not? The answer is simple: CORRUPTION. Following the trail is more complicated, but searching through the Panama Papers, government records, and more, a clear pattern emerges. "In...

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Cryptocurrency Donations

Press Release: The Rainforest Foundation Is Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations BROOKLYN—The Rainforest Foundation US is now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations. The Rainforest Foundation is a top-rated environmental charity founded by Sting in 1989 to...

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Peru Refuses to Prosecute Murderers of Indigenous Leaders

The prosecutor of Pucallpa has indicated that he will archive the case of Saweto Massacre for lack of evidence, an action that means that nobody will be prosecuted for the torture and massacre of the indigenous leaders of Saweto. Relatives of the victims, the community of Saweto, and allies are fighting to keep the case alive to gain justice for: Edwin Chota, Jorge Ríos, Leoncio Quinticima, and Francisco Pinedo.

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