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A Bold Solution

For decades the rainforests of the world have been destroyed. Owing to the severity of deforestation, traditional sources of funding aren’t sufficient to reverse the destruction. However, a digital-currency called ‘BitSeeds’ presents a radically different solution. Simply by buying, trading, and donating BitSeeds, you can help The Rainforest Foundation plant more trees and protect more rainforests.

What are BitSeeds

BitSeeds is a digital-currency that can be accessed via the Internet. Purchases and trades can be made with this currency from anywhere, at anytime. Without a fee, it’s a digital currency that can be accessed via the Internet to save our rainforests. With BitSeeds you can:

  • Spend
  • Donate
  • Mine
  • Save and Invest

BitSeeds can be traded on the Internet for goods, services, and fiat money. It is the first digital-currency that has a real impact on our world.


How BitSeeds Save Rainforests

Indigenous communities have proven to be the best protectors for rainforests. For centuries, these communities have relied on, cared for, and protected the forests. The difference is, they are not only protecting it for themselves, they are helping the world. You may not be aware of it, but we are all largely dependent on the rainforests of the world.

So, how do BitSeeds help The Rainforest Foundation? To put it very simply, if you mine, trade, and spend BitSeeds, you would help raise the value of the currency. Since the BitSeeds Organisation donated 100 million BitSeeds to us, your BitSeed transactions will help make those 100 million BitSeeds more valuable to the world’s rainforests. This would help us allocate and distribute money to help indigenous communities protect their land. The funds would be allocated for various efforts:

  • Re-forestation
  • Maintaining climate change.
  • Help indigenous communities gain rights to their ancestral lands.
  • Equip indigenous communities with surveillance equipment to stop illegal logging, mining, and incursions.
  • Protect the forests from mass agriculture.
  • Train community leaders.

How it Works

The way this works is simple to understand. When transactions get put into the network, numerous computers work together to make sure the transaction is legitimate. For instance, say you have 10 BitSeeds and you send 7 BitSeeds to someone else. This transaction will be recorded in a public ledger which will inform everyone that you only have 3 BitSeeds remaining in your possession. If you then try to send 5 BitSeeds the next day, your transaction will be rejected because every transaction is verified by the public. In order to incentivise people to participate in this process, BitSeeds are periodically generated and awarded to the computers engaged in maintaining the public ledger. This process is commonly known as mining.

In addition, each year BitSeeds will yield 10% interest to each person who holds the currency. The Rainforest Foundation has 100 million BitSeeds set aside in a special wallet that will generate interest for our efforts. The yearly interest income The Rainforest Foundation receives will enable us to help local communities conserve and restore forests on a scale never before possible.

Help us save the rainforests by getting your first BitSeeds here.