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A Bold Solution

Our rainforests have been under threat for decades. Traditional solutions and sources of funding can’t reverse the destruction, but, BitSeeds just might. It is a radically different solution–a digital currency that can save the rainforest. Simply by buying, trading, and donating BitSeeds, you can help The Rainforest Foundation plant more trees and protect more rainforests.

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UBIQ Token Swap

Interested cryptocurrency? We have exciting news! BitSeeds will be turning into a token on UBIQ… Details coming soon.


我们的热带雨林在最近的几十年以内一直受到各式各样的威胁。 传统的解决方案和资金来源已不能扭转现存的破坏,但是, BitSeeds 可能会。 BitSeeds是一个截然不同的解决方案 – 一个可以拯救热带雨林的数字货币。 通过购买、交易和捐赠 BitSeeds, 您可以帮助热带雨林基金会种植更多的树木并保护更多的热带雨林。

UBIQ Token Swap

对加密数字货币感兴趣? 我们有令人兴奋的消息! BitSeeds将成为UBIQ的加密货币… 即将推出详细信息。

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