10 Things You Can Do to Save the Rainforest


Just say NO to palm oil. 

Palm oil, found in half of all processed foods in the US, is a key contributor to rainforest deforestation. Read your food and beauty product labels carefully, and avoid this ingredient. Take the Palm Oil Pledge.


Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Encourage friends and loved ones to mark your special day with a gift to the Rainforest Foundation US. Get started at: Firstgiving or Crowdrise.


 Brazilian Music, Si, Brazilian Beef, No!

 60-70% of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon results from cattle ranching.Brazil is the world’s 2nd largest beef exporter.


Teach Your Children.

Teach kids about the importance of rainforests to the health of our planet. Empower them to make responsible choices. Help them make the connection between choosing foods without palm oil or conserving fossil fuels and protecting the rainforests. Find more ideas and information here.


Furnish Wisely.

Avoid furniture and other products made from threatened rainforest woods like: Mahogany,Rosewood and Ebony. Logging and the new roads it necessitates is a major driver of long term rainforest destruction.


Reduce Your Consumption of Fossil Fuels.

Oil extraction in the Amazon has increased dramatically with sometimes devastating social and environmental consequences. Approximately 70% of the entire Peruvian Amazon in now leased by oil companies.


Adopt a Rainforest Foundation Project.

Pick a region or project of particular interest to you and be assured your gift is directly contributing to the Rainforest Foundation’s program(s) of your choice. Or, volunteer your personal or professional services and become part of the solution. Adopt now at Crowdrise


Travel Green.

Ride your bike, take mass transit or carpool to work. Every little bit helps. If you travel to a rainforest area, make sure your tourist dollars support local communities who protect the local environment.


Protect an Acre or More.

For every $5 donated, you preserve one acre of rainforest, enough to produce 3 tons of oxygen per year!  Donate Now!


Be A Rainforest Friend.

Learn about and support the demarcation of indigenous lands. It has been proven that indigenous peoples are the best forest stewards. Read the World Resources Institute Report: Securing Rights, Combating Climate Change.